Cropped Cobble Hill Hummingbird Garden Puzzle
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I Love Jigsaw Puzzles!

One of the things I like to do when I’m bored, or when it’s winter and I can’t be outside as much, is put together jigsaw puzzles. Since I love birds so much, most of the puzzles I own are bird-themed.

Cobble Hill Birds of the World Family Puzzle
Me working on a bird puzzle.

Hummingbird Puzzles

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I have a bit of an obsession with hummingbirds. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that I have several hummingbird puzzles.

Cobble Hill Hummingbird Garden Puzzle
Cobble Hill Hummingbird Magic Puzzle
eeBoo Hummingbirds Round Puzzle

Other Animal Puzzles

Below are a few other animal puzzles we own.

Cobble Hill Porch Pals Family Puzzle
Cobble Hill Birds With Skates Puzzle
Ravensburger 50 Bird Stamps Puzzle. Great puzzle for homeschoolers!
Cobble Hill Garden Scene Family Puzzle

Make Your Own Online Puzzles

Did you know you can make your own online puzzles? One of the sites I like where you can do this is Jigsaw Explorer. I love that this website is free.


  • Cheryl

    I enjoyed your post about jigsaws, Olivia. You have an amazing collection of puzzles. Have you completed any this summer or are you saving them for winter? I noticed your puzzles have many pieces. They would certainly be challenging. You have an amazing variety of hummingbird puzzles. Guess that is no surprise, as you adore this tiny bird.

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