European starling on top of a feeder

Winter Birds in PEI

We took many pictures of birds this winter on Prince Edward Island and I thought I would share a few with you today.

We usually put out our Christmas tree on the deck when we’re done with it inside so that the birds can enjoy it for a couple of months. They really love it. Some use it for protection and others just visit the feeders that we hang in it or very close to it. Some of the small birds, like the dark-eyed junco, frequently collect the seeds that fall to the deck when the bigger birds are at the feeders.

Common Redpolls

Today we saw a bird that we’ve never seen before. Thanks to the All About Birds website, we identified it as a female common redpoll.

female common redpoll below a feeder on top of snow

Morning Doves

This morning my dad took this picture of a morning dove.

morning dove sitting on a tree branch in winter

European Starlings

We’ve been seeing a lot of European starlings this winter. They seem to love our suet.

European starling
European starlings at a suet feeder


As always we get a lot of cute chickadees. This one liked our window feeder.

Chickadee at a window feeder

Downy Woodpeckers

Downy woodpeckers visit our feeders from time to time.

Downy woodpecker at the suet feeder

We were lucky to get a picture of this one sitting on the fence.

Downy woodpecker sitting on a red fence

Blue Jays

Of course it would be strange if we didn’t see any blue jays in PEI. This one was eating the seeds from the bell feeder slightly hidden inside the Christmas tree.

Blue jay sitting in a Christmas tree outside looking at the photographer

American Goldfinches

We saw a lot of goldfinches in January. Here are a few that liked to hang out in our front yard.

Side of a goldfinch sitting on a tree branch in winter
Yellow goldfinch facing photographer sitting on a tree branch

Dark-Eyed Juncos

We see a lot of dark-eyed juncos on the deck. These cuties like to hang out close to the Christmas tree.

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  • Cheryl

    Enjoyed your post on the birds you have seen at your feeders this winter. The photos were beautiful . What a great idea to put your Christmas tree out on your deck. It would give you lots of close-ups of the birds.
    I also feed the birds, here in Ontario,and have all the birds you pictured eating at my feeders. Interesting that you have red polls this year. They come and go here. Often as it gets closer to Spring. You are very lucky to see so many blue jays. This year I haven’t had many visit my feeders. I think they hang out at my neighbours. The squirrels get the peanuts J put out before the blue jays have a chance to feast on them. I discovered, the other day, that the squirrels have chewed up parts of my one wooden feeder. I wasn’t happy about that. The feeder on your window would certainly give you some interesting close- ups of your birds. I want to get one for next winter.
    Pretty soon the summer birds will be returning and you will get to enjoy the humming birds again!!

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