Hummingbird feeder hanging outside.

The Hummingbird Feeders Are Out!

After my mom noticed a Twitter post from Hummingbirds Canada that many hummingbirds are being seen in Canada every day, we decided to get our hummingbird feeders out.

According to this hummingbird sightings map, they have already been seen in Eastern Canada this season, but unfortunately, we haven’t seen them in our backyard in Prince Edward Island yet.

Since hummingbirds are my favourite birds, I’m sure you can imagine how much I want to see them.

HumZinger hummingbird feeder hanging outside on the deck.
HumZinger hummingbird feeder with built-in ant moat.
Red glass hummingbird feeder hanging outside.
Pretty glass hummingbird feeder we purchased at Canadian Tire.

Homemade Hummingbird Nectar Recipe

4 parts water (we used 4 cups)
1 part white cane sugar (we used 1 cup)

Mix the two ingredients together and bring to a boil to kill any bacteria or mold. Cool completely before filling the washed and air-dried feeders. Extra sugar water can be stored in the refrigerator.

Please do not add any dyes to your sugar water. And remember to change the nectar inside the feeders every 2-3 days.

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