Chipmunk standing on hind legs in the grass
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Hummingbirds, Chipmunks, Caterpillars, and More!

The end of summer is just around the corner, but the weather is still nice. I hope it stays like that for a while.

We’ve had an unusually hot and humid summer here on Prince Edward Island this year. It’s the hottest one since we moved here five years ago. The weather was great for spending time at the beach, but not so great for our vegetable garden.


We had an interesting thing happen this summer. One of the hummingbirds that visits our feeders started sitting on our deck privacy wall. He’s been doing that a few times each day. We decided to name him “Poke”. My mom likes to call him “Pokey”.

Hummingbird sitting on the fence
Poke the hummingbird sitting on the fence.

One day, we saw as many as three hummingbirds (one female and two males) at one time. It’s the most we’ve ever seen here at the same time.


We’ve had two new chipmunks hanging around in our yard. One we named “Shade” and the other one “Cheeky”. Cheeky loves our sunflower seeds and Shade is responsible for the disappearing flower bulbs in our flower garden.

Chipmunk eating seeds from a hand
Cheeky the Chipmunk


Ever since we took down the bird feeders for the summer, we haven’t been seeing as many birds as before. For example, we haven’t seen blue jays much this summer. The robins seem to be happy here though. We actually discovered a robin’s nest with chicks in it a few weeks ago.

A robin sitting on a nest.
Mama robin sitting on a nest.


This summer seems to be a great one for caterpillars. We have a ton of them in our yard. They love to munch on our leafy greens in the veggie garden. My mom and dad aren’t impressed.

Caterpillar crawling up a railing.

The one that I found most interesting was a Luna moth caterpillar. I have never seen one of those before.

A Luna Moth caterpillar on a stick.
Luna Moth caterpillar.

We have also seen a lot of animals at the beaches we visited this summer, but I think I will leave that for another post.

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